Assurance Security provides the highest level of security and safety by using the latest high tech equipment--installed by trained professional technicians. 


The project history at Assurance Security includes historical buildings, schools, mental health facilities, underground facilities, parks and recreation facilities and highly classified government agencies, retail businesses and restaurants. We have experience in a variety of environments and have worked with a wide range of equipment manufacturers. Our installers have extensive experience working all major life safety equipment manufacturers.  


Capable and confident, the owners and staff at Assurance Security are ready to help you with any of your security needs. A project at hand is never 'just a project'. It is critical to current and future success of your business and the safety of your family.

Our team has a quality oriented mindset. The end results speak for themselves. Our customers enjoy on time delivery, impeccably clean wiring and protection beyond their expectations. Our attention to detail and customer service have made us a trusted provider of electronic security in the Kansas City area.