Fire Alarms

Battery powered smoke detectors will not save your life if you are asleep or incapacitated. Our 24/7 monitored smoke and fire alarms will notify all building occupants and alert the authorities immediately. A properly designed system also provides specific information to the fire department, ensuring that they are prepared before they arrive.  

We utilize both smoke and heat detection technology to keep you safe.

ATM Alarms

ATM’s can be a lucrative target for criminals. Tilt or shock sensors installed into the ATM will protect your ATM. You will be notified immediately if anyone is tampering with your machine.  We can install cameras inside the ATM. You can watch and record all activity at and around your ATM.

Panic or Hold Up Alarms

In the event of an emergency, the safety provided by a discrete hold up or panic alarm is unrivaled. Our expertly designed system can be activated covertly without raising suspicion or placing you or your employees in an additional danger. When your welfare is in jeopardy, time is everything. Summoning the assistance you urgently need could be the difference between life and death.

Carbon Monoxide or Natural Gas Alarms

A very small gas leak can be deadly. Our gas detectors offer early warning of potential threats. Carbon monoxide is called the silent killer because you can’t see it or smell it. A monitored carbon monoxide detector can be installed in your facility to notify you or the authorities if a leak is detected.

Low Temperature Alarms

When temperatures drop below freezing—the threat of frozen or cracked pipes increases. Our system safeguards your assets—triggering an alarm and notifying you of freezing temperature. 

Water or Flood Alarm

Water can quickly destroy everything you have. A water sensor system will keep watch over your property—notifying you in case of a water emergency. Protect areas that are prone to water problems. 

Asset Protection

Just like in the movies, we can protect your valuables using movement based asset detection. If the item is moved, the alarm sounds and the authorities are notified. 

Air Conditioner Alarms

Having an air conditioner stolen can be a devestating expense for a business or home owner. Because the air conditioner is outside the main structure, protecting this valuable piece of equiptment has been a challenge--until now.  Assurance Security has developed a unique system designed to deter theft of air conditioning systems--saving you thousands of dollars.