Assurance Security designs, installs and maintains security systems for retail businesses. We help owners of multiple locations manage their high tech security systems so they can focus on growing their business. Our scalable systems allow you to add cameras or whole facilities as your business expands to new locations.

Deter theft and increase your bottom line

The mere presence of a state of the art security system and access to this level of information will keep your employees honest. Number one source of lost revenue for any business is it’s employees. In retail stores and C-Stores, this is particularly true.

A security threat doesn’t always come from outside the business. Employee theft affects moral and most of all—your bottom line.

You can’t be in your business all the time. With a high tech security system and a smart phone, you don’t have to be. 

Handle business on the go

Technology advancements have made it possible to manage your security, camera and access control system from the palm of your hand. View cameras and manage your security systems for unlimited number of locations. Ever wish you could be in more than one place at a time? With a web enabled DVR—now you can! View live video from your cameras on the same mobile device you use every day. View multiple locations from one account. Easily monitor vulnerable spots.

We make it easy to view and manage security for multiple stores throughout the city. We can provide access to 

  • Alarm history reports- Know when your alarm has gone off and which points were triggered.
  •   Opening and closing reports- Get a detailed reports of when your business was opened and closed.
  • Open and lock doors remotely-  Lock and unlock doors from anywhere around the world.
  • Turn alarm on and off remotely- No need to wonder if you turned on your alarm. Our system allows you to turn on and off your alarm remotely.
  • Access control card reader reports- Reports detail who entered a room within a specific time or date range.
  • Integrate cameras with Sapphire Cash Register System to monitor transactions easily and conveniently.
  •  Exception reporting- One of the greatest threats to a retail business is its employees. Our state of the art exception reporting service notifies you when programmable events happen. For example, do you want to know when an employee is voiding a cash transaction? 

Integrate your technology for additional security

Employee theft is one of the largest sources of lost revenue for most retail businesses and convenience stores. There is a large amount of merchandise and a lot of cash that changes hands on a daily basis. We all hope that we can trust our employees, but how do you know if they are stealing from you without watching over their shoulders?

Assurance Protection Services is part of an elite group of companies in the Kansas City area that are able to integrate the Ruby Sapphire Cash Register System with your surveillance cameras. When you view your surveillance camera over the cash register—you can see what the associate is ringing up, what they are voiding and can immediately audit the employee’s transactions

Many retailers report having this capability until adding the high powered Sapphire Cash Register System. Our company has developed a system that allows us to integrate these systems once again—providing you with the information necessary to manage your business remotely.

Hold up alarms

In the event of an emergency, the safety provided by a discrete hold up or panic alarm is unrivaled. Our expertly designed system can be activated covertly without raising suspicion or placing you or your employees in an additional danger. When your welfare is in jeopardy, time is everything. Summoning the assistance you need quickly could be the difference between life and death.

Let Assurance Protection Services bring its experience and care to keep you and your business safe.

For a free analysis of our existing security and life safety systems, contact Assurance Security today.