Home Security of the Future

The modern age of home security is here. Security systems have gone beyond simply securing a home from fire or burglarly--to helping you manage your family easier. Assurance Security is a family owned business run by two tech savvy and knowledgeable security experts that also happen to be busy parents. We understand the latest technology and can show you how we are using it to make our home security system work for us. By connecting a few pieces of security technology we can do things like:

  • Notify you on your smartphone when a package has arrived.
  • Notify you if someone is in a pool area or secured outdoor area.
  • Keep your sneaky toddlers and teenagers in-while keeping intruders out. 
  • Watch your pets while you are away. You can say hello if you miss them. 
  • Adjust the thermostat from the comfort of your bed. 
  • Hear a noise in the middle of the night? Review the perimeter of your home from your phone and notify authorities instantly. 
  • No need to wait up for your teen. Let your security system wait up for you. Review your camera footage the next day for all the details. 
Smart home automation

Build Your Smart Home

Smart home technology gives you the power to control all your home’s major systems from the convenience of your smart phone. Turn your lights on and off. Make sure your alarm is turned armed. Adjust your thermostat from your phone--anywhere in the world.

Home security Kansas City

Protect Your Family

Assurance Security can help you utilize the latest security technology to keep your family safe. 

Home surveillance

Home Surveillance System

Today’s security cameras are clear, affordable, accessible and even interactive! Access your secure surveillance system from anywhere in the world- right from your smart phone.