No matter the type or size facility, Assurance Security understand that your priority is your business. Your business is our priority as well. We serve businesses throughout the Kansas City region. All work will be performed with limited interruptions to your business operations. If necessary, work can be performed outside of normal work hours to accommodate your business. Safety and a tidy work is important to us. You will hardly know we are there.

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 Small Business Security

Security and alarm systems have become much more than life and property saving devices. Technology innovation has created technology that makes doing business easier. 

When you are busy running your business, we can show you how to leverage your security technology--and make doing business easier. Technology advancements have made it possible to manage your security, cameras and access control systems from the palm of your hand. 

We will help you download all necessary apps and will teach you to use your system. When your system installation is complete, our staff will demonstrate the system and provide your staff with training. All of our work is tested to ensure the best possible performance of your system. 

Securing Industrial Facilities and Caves

Industrial and manufacturing facilities have unique security challenges. The size of the facility and the number of entry points make securing the property more difficult. We understand the risks associated with a large manufacturing and industrial property. Our security experts can identify weak security points or areas of vulnerability and match it with a technology that can limit risk.

Assurance Security designs, installs and maintains security systems for manufacturing and industrial facilities. We help owners of large facilities spanning multiple locations manage their high tech security systems—so they can focus on managing their facility. Our scalable systems allow you to add cameras or whole facilities as your business expands to new locations.

Caves are unique environments. We have extensive experience installing and servicing equipment in this type of environment. We understand the nuances regarding installing and servicing sensitive electrical equipment underground.

We are experts at planning incremental system upgrades to keep replacement costs low and in budget. 

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Retail and Convenience Stores

CStores have unique security needs. High traffic stores mean larger profits and potential security issues. We understand the available technology and can help you maximize your security budget and plan for the future. If your budget is small, we can scale your upgrade to spread the expense out over time. 

We help owners of multiple CStore locations manage their high tech security system so they can focus on growing their businesses. Our scalable systems allow you to add cameras as needed. Our specialized security options designed to make running busy convinience stores easier and more profitable than ever.

Securing Small Schools

Schools and day care facilities of all sizes must have an active plan for creating and maintaining a safe environment for students and teachers. Every parent, teacher and student deserves to have peace of mind—knowing the building they are in is protected with the best technology available. Recent acts of violence have been a constant reminder of the threats facing school administrators today. It is critical to safeguard schools—without being a distraction to students and faculty.

Assurance Security designs, installs and maintains security systems for schools. We help administrators and security personnel manage your high tech security systems so you can focus on teaching students. Our scalable systems allow you to add cameras or whole facilities as your business expands to new locations.

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Property Managers and Real Estate Developers

We offer a variety 0f unique products designed to make owning and managing real estate easier. We can help you secure your job site, make you aware of who is onsite, deter theft and secure expensive equipment like air conditioners. No power-no problem. We've developed solutions for securing properties without power. 

We also provide a comprehensive preventative maintenance program including fire inspections which are required annually for all existing fire alarm systems.