Protect your home

Few residential security companies do business like Assurance Security. Many offer “free” systems with long, expensive contracts. We pride ourself on being straightforward, honest and knowledgeable. Our proposals include a 30 day price lock and we guarantee our work and the security technology we install. We offer superior customer service so it’s unnecessary to require our customers sign long contracts. We will sell you equipment that will stand the test of time--at a fair price. If there are any problems with your system in the first year, we will fix it for free. This is unheard of in the security industry.

Basic security system packages start at $450 installed. Monthly monitoring rates start at $25 per month. Activate a compatible security system for free.

Security Alarm Scams

It’s our goal to educate our potential customers, so they can make the very best decision possible about security equipment. Quality electronic equipment is not cheap. Be wary of systems that are low priced. Either the equipment is not high quality, or the company might be pulling a bait-and-switch. Many companies sell security equipment at a loss. How do they stay in business?? They use tricky sales tactics to rope in cost-minded business owners into expensive, long term contracts with hidden fees and clauses.

Photo by Highwaystarz-Photography/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Highwaystarz-Photography/iStock / Getty Images

Guaranteed Equipment and Installation

Assurance Security employs some of the best technicians in the city. That allows us to warranty our parts and labor for one year. If your system doesn't work, we will repair it.* We will design a customized security system using security technology like;

  • Door and window sensors
  • Pet safe motion detectors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Smoke and CO2 detectors
  • Water and temperature sensors

Outdoor Sensors

Assurance Security can design a security system that fits your property and lifestyle. Using sensors we can create a customized security system. We can protect your

  • pool
  • dock
  • gate
  • shed
  • statue
  • boat

With today's technology, the sky is the limit. If its on your property and needs protected, we can do it. 

Photo by anskuw/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by anskuw/iStock / Getty Images

Electronic Deadbolt

Unlocking your door is quickly becoming ancient history. Technology advancements give you the power to unlock your door using simple numerical code, a key FOB or your phone. Even better? We can connect your deadbolt and your security system using z-wave technology so that your door unlocks seamlessly as you disarm your security system. 

There's no more need to rekey your door or even carry a key. Easily set up temporary codes for a baby sitter or repair man. This simple upgrade will make a significant difference in your life.