It's our business to protect your business.

We maintain all components including devices, notification equipment, circuitry wiring control panels, zones, programming, troubleshooting, alarm system repairs, and fire inspections. 

First, we complete a systematic evaluation of the property and existing systems. Next, we design a system that meets your needs and stays within a reasonable budget. We provide you with a detailed break-down of the system components and devices that will build the security network for your business.

When your system is complete, our technician will demonstrate the system and provide your staff with training. All of our work is tested to ensure the best possible performance of your system.

Cost Efficient Security Systems

Do you need to add a few cameras or door contacts? We can retrofit your existing system to keep your cost low. While overhauling our security systems can provide really great features, it can require a large investment of money. Because we have experience with a wide range of equipment manufacturers, we are able to utilize existing equipment and infrastructure when upgrading or expanding a system. 

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Surveillance Cameras

As a business owner, you cannot be everywhere, all the time. A video surveillance system protects your business from internal and external theft, vandalism or can help you manage your business remotely. From entryways to parking garages and retail facilities—video surveillance system are designed to deliver maximum protection for your people, your property and your assets. 

The best security camera or CCTV system for your business or facility is one that is designed and engineered to your specific needs and requirements. Whether you need a single camera or a complex multi-facility, integrated network, Assurance Security can design a system that works for you. 

Security Alarms

The foundation of any security system is an intrusion alarm system. It protects in and around your building. 

We provide security systems at a variety of price ranges—customized to fit your business. Each facility is unique. Our security consultants will listen to your security requirements, examine your property and return a security proposal that is affordable and meets the unique specifications of your business. We travel throughout the Kansas City area.

When your system is complete, your security consultant will demonstrate the system and provide your staff with training. Our project managers stays in constant communication with customers, which makes the installation process smoother for everyone.  All of our work is tested to ensure the best possible performance of your system.

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Access Control Systems

Assurance Security provides schools and commercial businesses in Kansas City with professional access control systems utilizing the latest card readers, key pad entry systems and proximity readers—giving business owners complete control over who is permitted to enter and when.

One of the best ways to secure your business and assets is to limit the people who have access to your building in general, and sensitive areas in particular. An access control system ensures that only the right people have access to your business, your records, your assets and the areas you have deemed necessary—nothing else. 

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms systems are one of the most essential protection systems a facility can have. Because of advances in modern technology—fatalities are no longer necessary. The very best fire alarm systems monitor changes in the environment and detect threats or incidents before they become dangerous.

Properly designed and installed—your fire detection system and early warning signals can save lives and prevent loss of valuable assets. 

Assurance Security can design and maintain the fire alarm in your school or business. We know the local fire codes throughout Kansas City and can design a comprehensive fire alarm system that keeps your facility safe. We also provide the ongoing preventative maintenance and necessary to keep your system running at it's best. We keep you compliant by conducting required annual fire alarm inspections. 

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Additional Monitoring Services

Security threats need to be dealt with quickly. We value our customers and only trust our alarms to be monitored by the best central monitoring center in the world. We profide a wide variety of monitoring services designed to help you manage your business easier including. 

  • ATM Alarms
  • Hold-up Alarms
  • Carbon Monoxide/Natural Gas Alarms
  • Low Temperature Alarms
  • Flood Alerts
  • Service Agreements
  • Asset Protection Alarms that sound when an item is moved. 
  • Air conditioner alarms.