Build Your Smart Home 

Smart home technology is the newest home trend that is sweeping the nation. Unlike granite countertops, this trend will revolutionize the way we interact with our homes and the way our homes interact with us. Harness the power of your security system, smart phone, z-wave technology and the internet allowing you to live in the home you always dreamed of. The smart home that serves you--making your life easier.


Integrate your security system and smart home

Imagine this, you’ve come home on a rainy day. You have to get groceries and kids inside quick. You disable your security alarm using your key fob from the car. It’s dark from the storm and the lights automatically come on in the home while the heat kicks on, warming the house. No need to unlock the door. Your deadbolt senses you approaching and unlocks because your keys are in your purse. Isn’t this what we dreamed being an adult would be like?

Technology is only as beneficial as it is usable. Assurance Security can integrate your home systems so they work together and are accessible to you.

Home Automation

Program your house to behave as you see fit. Arm your security system for the night. Automatically the lights turn off and the thermostat adjusts to the perfect temperature. We can even program the lights to come on automatically as the sun goes down.

Assurance Security will help you build your smart home, adding features over time as technology develops, budgets allow and your needs change.


Imagine, never having to fumble for your keys or light switches when you come home with full arms… Cold night? Warm the house without getting out from under the covers. Assurance Security will review the latest options in home automation with you, helping you select the features that will make the biggest impact on your life including;

  • Adjust your thermostat 
  • Automate your lighting system
  • Open and close your garage with your smart phone
  • Use the latest in Honeywell Total Connect to set up schedules-automatically programming your home to respond exactly as you want, when you want it. It's pretty amazing.