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Security Cameras Deter Crime

Cameras keep people honest. The presence of cameras is one of the most effective crime deterrents.

Did you know that the largest area of loss of revenue for most business is from theft, and most of the theft is being perpetrated by employees? Preventative measures—such as surveillance cameras and restricting access have proven to reduce employee theft. Where cameras sweep the parking lot that surrounds commercial facilities, criminal behavior is not as likely to occur. When cameras are watching in schools, the students behave.

When a crime is committed, camera footage from the event can help law enforcement identify and capture offenders. 

Your Kansas City Security Consultant

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It can be confusing trying to figure out which type of camera you need, how many you really need and where they should be placed for the best security.

There is a wide range of security cameras to choose from. Understanding the differences between available technologies can be overwhelming. Our security consultants will choose from a wide range of quality products to design a system that is affordable and will meet the unique specifications of your business.  

  • Analog cameras
  • IP cameras
  • Video analytics
  • Infrared cameras
  • Pan tilt zoom
  • Fixed cameras
  •  Smart phone viewing

We know all your options and can help you utilize the best technology the market has to offer. 

Accessible Security Footage

A camera system is only effective if you can easily access the video when you need it.  Upgrades to your surveillance system can greatly increase it's functionality. New capabilities and features include:

  • Pre and post-alarm video clips and snapshots of alarm event. When an alarm is triggered, our smart camera technology captures video three seconds before the event occurred.
  • Record video from an unlimited number of cameras for up to 45 days.
  • Browse video using our easy to read time line. Click and drag capability make it easy to change views.
  • Zoom in or out.
  • Search through triggered events.

Our technicians will connect your computer and smart phone to your cameras for easy viewing. In the case of a significant event, our technicians are available to help you review the captured footage. 

Surveillance Camera Storage

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Photo by ipopba/iStock / Getty Images

After an image is captured on the camera, the data is stored on a computer. Video footage is only as helpful as the DVR that stores the data--and your ability to access that data when you need it.  Assurance Security has stayed up with current technology, and can provide you a wide variety of equipment that meets your security needs--within your budget.

Advances in network and cell phone technologies have made significant advancement in recent years. These advancements allow you to control and monitor surveillance system from your wireless device. Live stream your video from multiple locations—all at once.

Years of working with small businesses allows us to efficiently integrate camera systems into any commercial property, school or industrial facility—increasing security and decreasing expenses. We can help you evaluate your security footage storage options allowing you to make a wise long-term decision for your business. Businesses with a growth plan and multiple facilities benefit from investing in an expandable NVR system. For many mom and pop businesses that do not need the highest quality video that have a small number of locations will likely save money over time by installing a DVR system.